How to Explain CoWorking

Updated: Oct 12, 2020

While many people are now familiar with the term, it is sometimes hard to explain, Coworking since it is still an emerging in

dustry. You might have heard some people say “it is like having your own Google office.” And it can be.

Still having problems to understand the difference of Coworking and co-working?

Here you have some different ways to explain “Coworking” depending of the persons you are talking to, and they can definitely help you to understand it better:


If you’re talking to a stranger: “It’s a place for people to work on their own thing, side by side in camaraderie.”

If you’re explaining it to your kids: “Work is kind of like school: it can be hard, but it can also be fun if you have good friends—and swings.”

If you’re explaining it to your archenemy: “I work from a place that has Friday drinks and a naptime space. How’s that cubicle looking?”

If you’re explaining it to a business person: “It’s a chance to have the freedom of working from home, the facilities of a real office, plus a social atmosphere and sense of community.”

If you’re explaining it to a long-time freelancer: “It’s a place where we work together and talk to each other, rather than work alone and talk to our pets.”

If you’re talking to someone else who works from a coworking space: “It’s awesome.” “I know, right?”

If you’re explaining it to someone in a shared office: “I have everything you have but I get to talk to the people next to me and have a great time. I’m probably also paying less.”

If you’re explaining it to someone who just doesn’t get it: “It’s kind of like getting a gym membership but instead of treadmills you get an awesome office, and instead of working on your body you work on your business.”

If you’re explaining it to your mom: “Rather than camping out in coffee shops or being alone at home I now work in a supportive environment full of people who are also working hard, so I have a helpful community and enjoy my day more. Trust me, it’s better than a ‘job’ job.”

If you’re explaining it to your boss: “It will make me a better worker. And, no, of course I won’t spend all of my time in the hammocks or playing ping pong…”

If you’re talking to someone who really needs to get out of the house and join us: “Come and work with us.”

If you’re talking to a tea or coffee addict:

Twitch, and say, “I drink coffee and tea all day. And it’s free.”

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